2019 WLB Finances

End of 2018 Season WLB Finances

Here are the end of season numbers.

2018 Revenue = The revenue you generated last year.

2019 OOTP Budgets = Your 2018 Revenue adjusted to OOTP. In OOTP your budgets will be determined by the amount of revenue you generate each season in comparison to the amount of revenue you generated the previous season. Consider the Budgets as a projection of sustained revenue. The AI (your team owner) sets the budget it thinks you can sustain.

Any excess revenue will get put into your team’s Cash line. Your Budget and your Cash (combined) is the amount of money you can spend during the season.

Initial OOTP Financial Settings

If your team wins over multiple seasons, your “owner” will raise your budget. Conversely, if you keep losing your budget will decrease. The rate of increase is tied to size of your market. The rate of decrease will depend on your Fan Loyalty (the higher your Fan Loyalty the more you’ll be able to sustain a down period).

The amount of cash you can carry over from season to season is maxed at $40 million. I’ve selected that amount to help keep the spread of money between top to bottom teams the same percentages as in Dynasty, 65%.

Any extra cash at the end of the season can be added to Whalehead Bank. Teams finishing with a deficit at the end of the season will need to carry over the debt (which will reduce the money from your budget) or borrow money from the Whalehead Bank.

The Whalehead Bank

The Whalehead Bank is essentially the same bank we had in our 2018 Dynasty League with a few differences, explained below.

Saving Money

At the end of the season, if your Cash exceeds $40 million, the excess will be added to your Whalehead account and will be available in future seasons. If your Whalehead account is greater than zero, you will earn 5% interest on your savings.

Borrowing Money

Teams may borrow up to $20 million in a single season. The total loans are capped at $40 million total (Debt). (So, if you borrow $20 million one year and $20 million the next, you can’t borrow more money in year three or later until you get your Debt below $40 million.) At the end of the season, 17% interest must be paid on the total Debt. If the Debt and Interest exceed $40 million, the overage will be subtracted from your team’s game Cash account. (A minus figure in Cash reduces the team’s Budget.)

As mentioned in the previous section, your Cash cannot exceed $40 million in a season. If you have less than $40 million in your team’s Cash line in the game, however, you can borrow money (max $20 million in one season, $40 million overall) until you reach that figure. The loan must be taken out before the Arbitration date.

I will discuss this topic further as needed. Budget and Cash information is available within the game. The Whalehead Bank will be tracked outside the game on this web site.

If you have questions, please ask in the comments of this post.

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