Important WLB Files and Info (Update 11/16/18)

I’ve added this page to group all downloadable info in one place. This post does not include all important information. Make sure you check out the #announcements channel in Slack and scroll all the way back to make sure you haven’t missed anything. All needed information has been posted there.

Keeping your copy of the league file in sync

One of the most important concepts to understand is how OOTP coordinates the updating of the league file. 

The Commissioner creates a league file and shares the league file with all GMs. Each GM then can make changes to his team. To get those changes integrated into the league file, he needs to export his team info to the league web site so the Commissioner can download and integrate those changes into the official file. A vitally important part of this process requires all GM to start with the **same exact league file**. 

How can we make sure this process happens flawlessly?

  1. Make sure you download an updated league file **EVERY** time the Commissioner announces a league file has been updated.  
  2. Export your team after **every change** you make. 

If you do those two things, your roster and managerial moves won’t be lost. If you don’t, your copy of the league file will get out of sync and your work/changes will be lost.

Another issue has cropped up. With OOTP’s release of its new Perfect Team mode of playing, they’ve increased the number of game updates. This won’t impact those of us who have the Steam version. Gary, Johnny, and Barry must make sure they manually update their games every time I notify them about a game update. When the game update is complete, they will also have to reexport their teams because I can only import exports with the same game date and game version.

Upcoming Timeline and Responsibilities

As mentioned in the previous section, you must download the league game file every time the Commissioner moves the game ahead to complete some task. To help keep you prepare, I list the Last Update and Next Update info directly on this web site. You can find this info at the top of the right column.

Our updates before taking a break to scout for off-season bidding will be on November 30th, December 6th, and February 1st.



November 30th Update

Before 6 AM on November 30th (export deadline) teams can sign Personnel to fill open positions. Teams may also offer extensions to Arbitration Eligible and players they can keep for next year (not pending Free Agents). 

November 30th is also the deadline to Non-Tender players (LTC and F-S-T-O players will now have to be bought out completely) and offer Salary Arbitration. (Arbitration Eligible players who are offered $0 will become Free Agents.) 

Since every roster currently has roster space, it will also be the deadline to add players to the 40-Man so they won’t be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft.

I will then release a list of Rule 5 Draft eligible players.

Although the deadline has been set at the 30th, I encourage all teams to release all unwanted players before the deadline and let me know when this is completed so I can release the full MLB Free Agent List. We can then all scout and get our off-season plans in order.

The Rule 5 Draft will be handled outside the game in Slack. Be sure to monitor Slack closely at deadline time to get a list of Rule 5 Eligible players who weren’t added to teams’ 40-Man Roster. 

December 6th Update

No export to the game between the November 30th deadline and December 6th deadline will be accepted. 

Once the Rule 5 Draft is completed, the last league file update will take place. Teams may then finish their scouting and begin to offer contracts to both major and minor league free agents inside the game. 

Teams can also turn on Team Control to their Assistant GM for all tasks when the December 6th update is available.

February 1st Update

Before 6 AM February 1st (export deadline), as mentioned above, teams may offer contracts to both major and minor league players and turn over control to their Assistant GM, Bench Coach, and Minor League Managers.

On February 1st, after importing all team exports, the Commissioner will update the league file and GMs will get their first responses from players. We’ll then follow the export schedule listed in the WLB Timeline graphic below until the off-season is complete and the updated ratings are released by the game company.

Whalehead Bank

The Whalehead Bank has been disbanded. Teams may no longer borrow money or save money from year-to-year. 

Important Files

Be sure to scroll through and check out the articles and videos I’ve done about OOTP. In particular, read the following article:
How to Evaluate Players in OOTP between Seasons.

End of Last Season Roster 

Steamer Projections (Excel) – These projections are very similar to the ZiPS projections which are used as the basis for OOTP’s Ratings. These ratings incorporate minor league stats, so minor league players are included. These numbers are presented to give you an idea about how players will be rated. THEY ARE NOT DEFINITIVE!

When our Non-Tenders are done, I will add WLB team info for all players who played in the MLB in 2018. I will also try to add team info for as many of our current minor leaguers as I can.

2018 MLB Player Statistics (Excel)  – Regular statistics for last season.

Contact me directly for ANY questions. xxx

Full Off-Season Timeline

Click to view full version.

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