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2020 Minor League Draft - 2019 Comp Picks

The Commish

In 2019 we drafted amateur players right after the MLB Rule 4 Draft but before the signing deadline. Before the draft we decided any players drafted in the first five rounds who did sign in real MLB would be removed from our league. Teams would then be compensated with a pick in the 2020 draft in the same round but one pick later. Below is a list of compensation picks that will be inserted into our draft. 

1st round - NYY 1-11

2nd round - LAA 2-6, SD 2-16

3rd round - DET 3-2, MIA 3-8, HOU 3-15

4th round - PHI 4-4, MIA 4-8, NYY 4-11

5th round - WSN 5-5, SEA 5-9

There will also be three compensation picks for the players who rejected qualifying offers: SS Marcus Semien, 1B Paul Goldschmidt, SS Didi Gregorius. 

As a reminder...the Rule 4 Draft will shift from an amateur draft (drafting players in the same year as they are drafted in MLB) to a minor league draft in 2020. 

We've conducted two amateur drafts in the game so far. I was not happy with the way these players were rated. Since we are now only updating POT ratings for minor league players it makes it more important that their initial ratings in the league be more accurate.   


The Commissioner!

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