Red Sox Spend Big a...

Red Sox Spend Big and Shuffle Team Personnel  


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(BOSTON): In an effort to give the Red Sox the finest staff of personnel in the Whalehead League, the Red Sox broke open their piggy bank and went on a spending spree.

First, the Red Sox brought back the legendary Terry Francona as Manager of the The Olde Towne Team. Next up the legendary Stan Conte was hired as their new Team Trainer. The team then dug a little deeper into its wallet and hired A.J. Hinch to be Manager of AAA Pawtucket. After Hinch put in a good word for Mel Stottlmyre Jr. as AAA Pitching Coach, the team hired him as well.

To make room for these hires, the Red Sox then reassigned Manager Kevin Boles to Class A+ Greenvile and Bench Coach Tim Bogar to the AA Portland Manager. To finish up, the Sox fired AA Manager Darren Fenster, Trainer Brad Pearson and Class A Pitching Coach Lance Carter.

"We've been lucky to have the fans support the team over the last few years, so our budget this year is one of the largest in the Whalehead League in 2019. At the same time, thanks to the great job of Scouting Director Mike Rikard, our major league roster is filled with cost-controlled talent," started GM Jim Furtado.

Furtado went on to say, "At the beginning of the off-season Andrew [Friedman, Red Sox Assistant GM] and I sat down to come up with a plan. After much debate we determined we should an unprecedented giant splash in the Free Agent market while, at the same time, getting depth for our system by identifying undervalued players and signing as many as possible."

"Although our depth signs exceeded our wildest hopes, we found the high-end Free Agent market was even more chaotic and expensive than we thought it would be. This presented a problem. How could we further improve our team without making an irrational offer to one of the big free agents?"

"Andrew suggested one avenue was to upgrade our team's staff. By doing that we could improve our player development system and impact our big league team. I thought it was a great idea, so we went to work."

Furtado finished by talking about his team's hopes for the future, "We've been very lucky to have been able to put together a pretty good run of success the last few years. Unfortunately we can't just live on our laurels. The game has changed a great deal since we started that run. We know we need to change as well. It is our hope to become a player development machine and to sustain a year-in, year-out playoff team. With the way the game has changed, especially in the last year, we recognize that we need to think and plan differently. So that's what we are doing.

We are confident our plan is sound. We feel certain we have the team personnel to carry out that plan."



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