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2019 Expansion Rules

The Commish

The long-term plan is to increase from 18 teams to 24 teams over the next six years. We'll expand two teams between the 2019-2020 seasons. Two more teams will be added between the 2022-2023 seasons. The last two expansion teams will be added between the 2025-2026 season. 

The drafts will be conducted about a week or so after the season ends (game time). 

If we have two human GMs ready to go, they will participate in the drafts. If not, AI GMs will make selections. The teams will remain on AI until human GMs for the teams are found. 

We will use the setting that follow (which I found on OOTP's forum).

Edit: After running a couple of mock drafts (and the draft pools), I believe it's a fairer to give the expansion teams four players. Using the same methodology for four picks [ (16+20+24+28)/4 = 21.75 ] We'd each protect 19 players [ (20+21+22+24)/4 = 21 ] to use the OOTP expansion in the game and provide equal value.

Players with 3 years or fewer Pro Years will be ineligible. (From my testing, anyone currently listed as 3 years or fewer of pro experience is not eligible, regardless of which roster the player is on.) ADDED: 7/5/2019

Here's what I do, to approximate the real-life rules as best I can. In real-life, teams can "re-protect" after they lose a player, which isn't an option in OOTP.

Basically, teams can protect 15, then lose one, then protect three, lose another, protect three more, and maybe lose one more (or maybe not). That means that if everybody was acting efficiently, teams would lose their 16th-best player, protect 17, 18 and 19, lose their 20th-best, protect 21, 22 and 23, then lose their 24th-best player (maybe).

So the average value is three 20th-best players ((16+20+24)/3). The only way to approximate that value in OOTP, where protection lists are set at the start of the draft, is to have a team lose its 19th, 20th and maybe 21st pick. So here are my settings, based on two expansion teams, and anywhere from 24 to 32 exisiting teams (so the 1993, 1998, and a theoretical MLB expansion to 32 teams would work under this scenario:

Number of rounds: 35
Max players lost per team: 3
Number of players protected: 18
Minimum pro experience to be eligible: 3 years

I have found this settings to create reasonable, life-like results. I have had expansion teams win the World Series in their 6th season (a la the Mets), and teams make one playoff in 20 attempts (i.e. the Mariners) with these settings.


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