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OK, I was looking over the league schedules. The Rookie and Short-Season schedules both start around June 21st. I had our Rule 4 (Amateur Draft) scheduled for July, so we can see which player signed. Instead of doing that I'm going to move our Amateur Draft to June 15th in the game (June 7th in real life).

In case you don't remember, our draft will consist of 25 rounds total. The first five rounds will be live and will take place using StatsPlus+ (with reminders and time limits for picks).

If any of the players drafted in the first five rounds don't sign in real life, a compensatory pick in the 2020 Draft (one overall pick later) will be awarded. Any players not signing after the 5th round will not be replaced.

The draft list will appear in the game 60 days prior to the Draft.

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Posted : 03/02/2019 12:46 pm