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Deadline to have Roster Discrepancies Fixed

The Commish

GMs are reminded to keep tabs of their players and to immediately let me know if there is an error. If months have passed since a player was on your roster, I'm not adding him back when you make the discovery. We can't have an unlimited timeframe to report problems. This is especially true when other GMs have multiple opportunities to sign the player.Just so everyone is clear, and the handling of such matters is consistent for all teams, I'm going to add the following rule to the other rules in the forums. Teams have two exports or two weeks (real-time, whichever is longer) to report a roster discrepancy. After that deadline, the player's current roster/contract status remains valid. This holds true whether you, your AI, or an unknown event changes the player's roster status.

The Commissioner!

Topic starter Posted : April 3, 2020 1:24 pm