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Something to keep in mind about Options. Players on the 40-Man can be Optioned three separate years. In OOTP, if a player is Optioned to the minors for *one* *day* *or* *more* in a season he uses up one of his Options. (Going up or down multiple times in one season only counts as one.)

So, if a prospect isn't on the 40-Man yet and you leave up off the 40-Man until the 14th day of the season, he will not have used up an Option. If, instead, you add him to the 40-Man and send him down until the 14th day of the season, he will have used up one Option year.

And, in case you are wondering, I regret adding Ronald Acuna to the 40-Man before I thought of this.

Service Time

Our season is 186 days long. Player accrue one year of service time if they have 172 days on the Active Roster. So, to prevent a player with an even amount of time of service time (0 years, 1 year & 0 days, 2 years & 0 days) needs to be optioned at least 15 days to gain an additional year of control.

Keep in mind your player won't like being sent down if he believes he should be on the Active Roster. It may hurt his morale and could impact him resigning with you in the future. Also keep in mind that if you send down a really, really good player to play with his service time you might regret the decision later if you fall one game short of making the playoffs.

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