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The Commish

One of the things I need to do is manage our talent pool. It doesn't make sense to have every minor leaguer in MiLB in our league. Too much fodder.

With that in mind, I'm handling things this way.

Add Players to our Free Agent Pool

2020 Season (edited on 9/21/2019)

OOTP's Amateur Draft will be the primary mechanism for us to add players into our player pool.


We will draft approximately 35 players during the draft, which will start around April 7th. The pool will be a mix of minor league Top 30 prospects and MLB top Amateur Draft prospects from the previous season. A tentative draft pool will be released in OOTP and StatPlus approximately one month before the draft. (The number of draft rounds may be adjusted due to a lack of eligible players.)

Top 30 Prospects

Any player with no history in our league and who is listed on preseason Top 30 Prospects Lists from Baseball America, MLB Pipeline, and Fangraphs will be eligible for the draft. As soon as this list is developed the Commissioner will provide the names of all players. (Players with a prior history in our league will be unretired and added back to our Free Agent pool when minor league player ratings are updated in March.)

MLB Amateur Draft Players

Amateur players who appear in OOTP's draft pool and who are either listed on Baseball America's, Fangraphs', or MLB Pipeline's top draft prospect lists *OR* who were drafted in the top five rounds of the MLB Amateur Draft from the previous MLB season.


Any player who plays in the most current past MLB season will be added as a Free Agent at the end of the Whalehead League season. Players with past experience in our league will be unretired. New players will be added as Free Agents. (A list of these players will be distributed by the Commissioner at the time of their addition. )


The service time for returning/unretired players will be their prior in-league service time. The service time for new players will be their MLB service time (the OOTP information). 

Remove Players from our League

At the beginning of the year, after updating the ratings,  I will retire/delete any player who doesn't exist in the OOTP current season roster. Players with stats in our league will be retired. Players with no stats in our league will be deleted. 

Any player who retires in real MLB immediately retires in our league. 

Any player who dies in real life immediately retires in our league.

As I find players no longer on MLB and MiLB teams, I will:

  • Immediately retire them, if they have history in our league and are free agents;
  • Immediately delete them, if they have no history in our league; 
  • Add them to a list to be retired at the end of the current season, if they are currently on a WLB team roster. 

2019 Season

WHEN MLB SEASON BEGINS: Players on preseason Top 100 lists get added to our league when MLB's season starts. I will announce their availability before adding them. (Although I have to double check, I believe we have two of those guys in 2019.)

AFTER THE WORLD SERIES: Players on MLB Pipeline's Top 30 lists at mid-season get added at the end of the year. Anyone who played in the majors during the season also gets added after the World Series.

AMATEUR DRAFT: We draft 25 Amateurs during the draft in June. I generate a draft pool of the top 540 amateurs available in OOTP's list. 

After the MLB Draft is completed and the signing deadline passes, I delete any player who didn't sign in MLB. If the deleted player was picked in the first five rounds, teams will get a compensation pick in the following year's draft, one spot after the previous year's pick. (Compensation round picks are ignored. So, if your 2/15 pick doesn't sign, your pick will be between 2/15 and 2/16 the next draft.) 

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