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Team Market Values

The Commish

When the Whalehead League moved to OOTP I spent considerable time researching the game's financial setting so we could convert our financial model into OOTP's model. Our system is tied to real average team payroll constrained to a more narrow range of budgets. The system is designed so that the lowest payroll is approximately 60% of the highest payroll. Testing suggests the current league settings will continue to fall within that range over the years. If that doesn't prove to be the case, our model will be modified. 

Expansion team budgets will bet set to 60% of the top team budget.  

Expansion teams will be assigned 1/2 of the Cash Cap in Cash. 

All owners are set to the same settings. 

Fan Interest will be set to 83%, with a 100% Fan Interest Modifier. 

In any event, here are the default team market and loyalty settings. 

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