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Timmy [9:08 AM]
How can I make trade offers with Miami or Philly? And is it possible to run potential trades by my scout to see how he feels, like when I sim the seasons?

The Commish [9:22 AM]
Unfortunately, the only way to make offers to the AI is for the Commissioner to manually enter them. I know  Virtual Schoony asked me if I was interested in Lewis. I didn't respond because it's set to mimic Schoony (tough to make a deal).

To run trades by your scout, I have to enter those in as well. It would be good if people could put test offers in themselves to get input from their scouts.

With the import/export cycle I can see the problem with executing trades individually. An AI team could theoretically make trades with two different teams during an export cycle. As it is now, I can't enter trades into the game until I process all the imports. Otherwise, the player contracts get all screwed up.

OOTP 19 - Manual about Trades

The Commissioner!

Posted : 28/01/2019 9:34 am