Waivers and DFA  

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A. Waivers

The WLB uses the game's Waiver System. The Waiver period lasts for 9 sim days. Since sims last 3/4 days, the 9 day limit will give all an opportunity to see who’s on the waiver wire, as well as who might have made a claim on a player that has a revocable claim. If a player is irrevocably claimed off waivers, the player becomes property of the team claiming.

B. Designated for Assignment

The DFA period is set for 15 days. If a player’s time on DFA runs out, the player will be placed in the Minors, if there is space available on the appropriate level farm team. If no roster room is available or the DFA'd player won't accept demotion, the player will be released.


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