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Trading money is a little different in OOTP than in our old league.

When you make a trade you effectively send money one of two ways:

  1. You send cash out of your Cash account. (You are limited to the actual Cash you currently have. So, if you have zero Cash, it follows, you can't send someone Cash as part of any deal.)
  2. You can Retain some of the salary of a player you are trading. (You agree to pay a portion of the player's contract.) The amount of Retained salary is set in 5% increments.

So, you can, for example, agree to pay 50% of the players salary going forward. Keep in mind this percentage is for the entire contract. If the player has a three-year contract and you agree to retain 25%, it's 25% of his salary for each of the remaining three years of his contract, on a yearly basis. Again, you can't retain salary for only one year of a remaining contract. You either retain a portion of a contract over the life of the contract, or you don't retain anything.

Keep this in mind when making deals. Feel free to contact me for help.

If you don't include the specific breakdown in your trade announcement, by default I will retain the percentage which closest matches the dollar figure listed and I will then add Cash to equalize the amount included in the deal. If a team doesn't have Cash to include, I will set the retained percentage above the dollar figure and have the other team return enough Cash to equalize the amount listed. If neither team has Cash, the retained percentage will be bumped to the closest 5% above the figure listed in the deal. (The team retaining salary will pay more of the traded player's contact.) 

If you want to send Cash only, list the portion traded as Cash in your announcement. Keep in mind that at the end of the season you will be capped at $40 million in Cash.

UPDATE: For this year, teams with no Cash will not be allowed  to include any cash in a deal once they are negative $5,000,000 in Cash. After this season rolls over, after the 2019 World Series, only teams with Cash will be able to include Cash in deals. 

If you don't have Cash, however, but the money you have listed offsets salary you are trading, I will enter the amount sent as Retained Salary. I will not deduct it from your Cash line.

Teams with sufficient Cash, however, can send Cash up to their Cash balance.

Cash is King!

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