2022 Settings

Waiver/DFA Length = 4/8 days during season – 7/8 during the off-season. 

Enabled = Right to Refuse Minor League Assignment 

Allow incomplete minor league rosters (ghost players) (changed for 2023)

Rule 5 Draft – December 9th (will be moved to the last day of in-game Winter Meetings for 2023-2024) 

Disabled List Length = Position Player – 10 days / Pitchers – 15 days

Draft Pick Trading disabled

Trading of Recently Drafted Players – One year

DH Enabled for entire league

AI Trade Frequency = Low

AI Trade Difficulty = Hard

Minor League Option Years = Yes

Allow Trading of Injured (>7 days) players

10/5 Rule (veterans have right to veto trade)

Trading Deadline – August 1st (full trade deadline)

2002 Collective Bargaining Agreement Rules Enabled


Amateur Draft Date = around December 6th (game date) TBD 2023

Number of Rounds = 25

Generate Player for X Rounds = 30 (players not drafted who are automatically moved to future seasons will be manually made free agents)

Pool Reveal Date = 60 days prior

Advanced Draftee Signing (Signing Bonus Negotiations) DISABLED

DISABLE automatic creation of free agents

Our Player Pool will consist of players who are not in our league and who appear on the Top 30 prospect lists on MLB Pipeline, Baseball America, and Fangraphs. If those lists don’t generate a large enough pool, the Commissioner will add the highest-selected players from the previous year’s MLB Rule 4 Draft. Only players with a Baseball Reference Minor League ID are eligible. 


Min Days of Service = 172

Average Attendance = 31000

Average Ticket Price = $35.50 (teams may change ticket price)

Visiting Team’s Gate Share = 30%

Free Agency = 6 years of service

Arbitration = 3 years

Minor League FA = 6 years

National Media Contract = See Below

Local Media Contract = See Below

Merchandising Revenue = See Below

Revenue Sharing = Set Percentage of Incom

Shared Percentage of Income = 30%

Cash Maximum = See Below Changed to $10 million for 2024. 2/3/2024 (real).


See image below. 


See image below.


Generate Int Amateur Free Agents = Disabled (Int Amateurs added to Minor League FA list after they appear in MiLB when game update is released each March)

International Scouting Discoveries per team = Zero

Generate Int Established FAs = Zero

Generate Ind League FAs = Zero

Spring Training Schedule = 5 weeks (Default)

Number of Games = 162

We’ll play 162 games total. The length of the schedule is 185 days.
12 games against each team in our league. 6 games against 4 of the teams in the other league and 5 games against the other 6.

Interleague Play = Enabled

Playoff Roster Rule = Enabled

Playoffs = Three Division Winners plus three Wildcard Teams. The first two Division winners get a bye. The third Division Winner plays 6th seed and 4th and 5th seeds play three games series, all at home of higher seed. The winner of 4/5 Wildcard seies plays division winner with best record. The second best division winner plays DW3/#6 Wildcard series winner. 


Complete Scouting System = ON

Scouting Accuracy = Normal

Injuries Frequency = Normal (OOTP Classic)

Delayed Injury Diagnosis = Occasionally

Position Player Fatigue = Average

Suspension Frequency = Low

Ratings Scale = 20 to 80

Overall/Potential Rating = On (20 to 80)

Top Prospect List = Dynamic

Storylines = On (Retirements and career-ending injuries ignored)

Trading AI Settings

Trading Difficulty = Hard

Trading Preference = Neutral

Player Evaluation AI Settings

Ratings Weight = 65%

Current Year Stats Weight = 20%

Previous Year Stats Weight = 10%

2 Years Ago Stats Weight = 5%

(Default settings)


Batter/Pitcher Aging Speed = 1.000

Batter/Pitcher Development Speed = 1.000

Talent Change Randomness = 100


AAA – 28 players – 0-50 years old – No service limits

AA – 28 players – 0-50 years old – No service limits

High A (A+) – 30 players – 4 years service max

Low A (A) –  30 players – 3 years service max

Rookie (R) – 35 players – 2 years service max

Counting the 26-Man Major League Roster we’ll have a maximum of 177 players in each organization, including 151 minor leaguers.