The 2023 Incentive Point Bazaar will be conducted on Discord in the #incentive-point-bazaar-channel.

The League rewards GM participation using its Incentive Points System (IP$)

  • The maximum amount of IP$ that a GM can earn per season is 125 IP$.
  • Each GM is expected to earn at least 50 total IP$ per season. (You don’t want to be the GM with the smallest IP$.)
  • A new IP$ “season” starts at the end of the World Series.
  • IP$ may be banked for future use.
  • IP$ may not be traded.
  • Teams may spend as much IP$ as they have.
  • The deadline to use IP$ is the Start of Spring Training.

How to Earn Incentive Points (IP$)

  1. Exporting your team
  2. Voting in Polls
  3. Monitoring Slack Announcements
  4. Voting in Post-Season Awards
  5. Attend Winter Meetings in February (either in person or virtually)
  6. Completing additional tasks as required by the Commissioner

2023 IP Earning Potential


Up to 65 IP$ can be earned by exporting. (90% or better earns the full 60 IP$.)

We will have ?? (TBD) exports in 2020-2021:

  • 12 during the off-season
  • 6 during Spring Training
  • 27 during the season (As long as you export at least once a week, you will earn an IP for exporting.)
  • 5 exports between the end of the regular season and the end of the World Series.
  • This means you can earn up to $15 million for exporting. This essentially makes each export worth $200,000.

Voting in Polls

10 IP$ can be earned by voting in league Polls.

Monitoring Discord Announcements

The Commissioner uses the Discord #announcement channel to post important league information. To encourage GMs to regularly monitor the channel, in 2020 the Commissioner will begin tracking reactions to important announcements. Such posts will begin with !IMPORTANT!. In order to get credit GMs must add an emoji reaction to acknowledge reading the thread within one week of its posting. The Commissioner will track all such posts in the IP$ spreadsheet.

20 IP$ can be earned by acknowledging all !IMPORTANT! threads.

Voting for League Post-Season Awards

5 IP$ can be earned by voting for Post-Season Awards

Attending Winter Meetings

The Commissioner will schedule a Winter GM Meeting in January (January 14, 2023). Owners who attend in person or virtually (using Facetime, Slack, or Skype) earn 20 IP$. Teams that make trades during the event earn an additional 5 IP$.

How to Spend your Incentive Points (IP$)

Although I’m still working on the system, here are some things you will be able to do with your IP$:

  • Convert to Cash (Max $10 million per year. $20 million Cash Limit still applies.)^
  • Defray the Cost of LTC Buyouts (One IP$ per $200,000. Max $10 million per year)^
  • Help a player learn a new position during the off-season (limited by IP$)
  • Speed up the recovery for an injured player.
  • Purchase supplemental amateur draft picks after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds. (One pick max.)
  • Relocate your team (once every three years)
  • Move to a different park in your city
  • Increase your team’s Fan Interest (+5 max, can’t push your FI above 85)
  • Buy LTC Contract Insurance (for injuries, after 2022 season). (Details of this process will be provided before the end of the 2022 season.)
  • Convert a retired player to a coach.
  • Change Minor League Affiliates.

New for 2023 – Full details will be provided in a future update

  • Update Coach Ratings to the most recent OOTP game (25 IP$ each).
  • Turn a retired player into a coach – Maximum of 3 (75+ IP$ earned in most recent season is free, 10 IP$ each for all others).

^ = Maximum of $10 million of Cash and LTC Buyouts can be purchased.

Convert to Cash / Defray the Cost of LTC Buyouts

Each IP$ can be converted to $200,000, to a maximum of $10 million (50 IP$). The money can be assigned as Cash ($20 million limit applies) or used to offset LTC Buyouts (can bring Misc to zero, but cannot put Misc to above zero).

Learning a New Position – 75 IP$ Max

You can have a player learn a new position during the off-season.

A max of 150 Experience Points can be purchased. (The player must earn the rest in games.)

Some players can learn a position using IP$ faster than other players. The factors are Work Ethic Rating, Adaptability Rating, and Intelligence Rating, with an added bump if the player actually played the position in the most recent season of MLB.

High Work Ethic gains 125 experience points (ExpPoints). Normal Work Ethic gains 75 experience points. Low Work Ethic gains 50 points of experience.

High Adaptability earns a player an additional 25 experience points.

High Intelligence earns a player an additional 25 experience points.

Multiplier – A player who played at least 75 games at the position in real MLB gets a 1.25 multiplier. A player with less than 75 but with at least 25 games played gets a 1.12 multiplier.

Price Chart

To make things easier, I’ve included a Price Chart. In OOTP players have hidden Experience Ratings playing at each position. The rating run between 0 and 200.

These experience ratings are combined with the player’s component defensive ratings (Range, Arm, Error, etc.) to generate a player’s overall defensive rating. Essentially the better the player’s tools and the more experience he has playing the position the better he’ll be. (Fully trained at the position is 200; someone who hasn’t played there before is a 0.)

To mimic the idea that a player can learn a position over the off-season, WLB allows GMs to use their incentive points (IP$) to buy experience. The Commissioner has come up with a price chart to give you an idea of how much it will cost you to improve a player at a position.

Take the player’s ratings and find the appropriate row. You can multiply the cost by how much IP$ you want to spend to estimate how many Experience points it will buy.

Max Points is the maximum number of Experience points that spending 75 IP$ will buy.

The higher the player’s ratings and experience playing the position (in real life) the bigger the discount to get to 150 Experience points will be. For example, a player with High Work Ethic, High Adapability, High Intelligence, and who played 125+ games at the position in real life, can be raised to 150 Experience points for only 51 IP$. A player with Low Work Ethic, Low Adaptability, Low Intelligence, and who didn’t play the position as all in real life, can only be raised to 50 Experience points after paying 75 IP$.

Note: if a player already has experience at the position he may only be raised to 150 using IP$. A GM may only purchase a maximum of 150 ExpPoints.

The Commissioner can provide details. Also, to earn the additional 50 ExpPoints (for the 200 maximum) the player will need to play the position in our league.

Here are some examples. (All possible permutations aren’t displayed.)

A max of 150 experience points for position can be purchased. Only one position per player can be learned using IP$ each off-season.

Speed up Recovery of an Injured Player – 50 IP$ Max Each Player

3 months max can be purchased per player.

Recovery time is determined by the following formula.

Injury Rating Multiplier (IRM)
Durable/Iron Man = 3, Normal = 2, Fragile/Wrecked = 1

IP$/50 * IRM * (365/12)

Move to a Different Park in your City

See details for Franchise Relocations


No stadium or city moves in the last three years. Team has earned at least 50% of IP$ in the just-passed season. The announcement must be made prior to the completion of the previous season.

Cost = 50 IP$

Move to a Different City


No stadium or city moves in the last three years. Team has earned at least 50% of IP$ in the just passed season. The announcement must be made prior to the completion of the previous season.

Cost = 75 IP$

Increase Fan Interest

20 IP$ per point. Max of 5 can be purchased.

Purchase Draft Picks

After first round – 100 IP$
After second round – 75 IP$
After third round – 50 IP$

Draft picks are purchased for the next year’s draft. (Picks purchased in 2021-2022 off-season are for the November 2022 Draft.

Convert a Retired Player into a Coach

10 IP$ per coach. Game assigns coaching rating.

Change Minor League Affiliate

25 IP$ per affiliate.