2022-2023 Realignment

Update: 9/5/2022

With the expansion, the realignment is up in the air. It will be discussed in Discord as more GMs get added.

Current Plan

Updated: 11/22/2021

We need an established rule in place before I start the hard press to get more people to take over teams.

Tentative division setups, including 2023 Expansion teams. I tried to keep as many teams in the same leagues and divisions as I could.

Same playoff setup. Five teams make the playoffs in each league. Division winners and #1 wildcard team get a bye.

Like in the past, we will realign divisions and leagues every three years. In 2026 the divisions and leagues will get realigned based on least travel, which is how we’ve aligned teams historically.

Updated Realignment Plan

We usually try to set divisions a year before realignment is implemented so teams may prepare for any change in the park environment. I’m extending the deadline a little longer this year to make allowances for new league members.

Expansion team locations are currently fluid.

% – Estimated Percentage of Top Revenues (with 100 Fan Interest) of different markets

I found a workable schedule for 24 teams. Each team plays 14 games against teams in its division; 12 games against the other teams in the league; 2 games against each of the other league’s teams. 162 games.

Former Realignment Plan.

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