2020-2021 Winter Leagues

Please comment with changes you’d like made to your players. Be sure to separate changes by league (AFL or CWL). Include the player you want replaced and the player you want to add.

Roster spots and affiliations were randomly assigned by the game. You are limited to the number of spots that you were assigned. You also need to match your players to the positions assigned.

Replace with like players (OF > OF, IF > IF, C >C). If you want a player who plays a particular position added but don’t have the right position available, you are free to swap positions with other teams. (You have to do the leg work yourself.) If you want a player to play a particular position, make him that position and set him at the position on his strategy page. AIs are running the teams so I can’t guarantee playing time.

Affiliations and Roster Rules

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Change the league. Select the team. View Players.

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Mr. Met
2 years ago

Please replace LF Eloy Jimenez with LF Connor Wong on Coacalco roster in Caribbean Winter League.

2 years ago

Oakland Winter League transactions

Off- F. Tatis, D. Lamet, J. Fuentes, M. Frawley, K. Milam, J. Holloway, H Bueno, J. Bridgeman, E. Cole, G. Canning, J. Brentz

G. Arias, J. Jung, J. Chisholm, E. Small, J. Adams, J. Oviedo, C. Santana, J. Bleday, L. Tavares, T. Freeman, L. Patino,

2 years ago

Seattle Winter League Changes:
out- Little, Lawrence, Young, Seise, Stevenson.
In- H. Mejia, B. Walston, Antuna, N. Matte, R. Greene
Out- Bowman, Torres, Cox, Ratliff, Casanova, Head.
In- F. Morales, Mata, Henzmann, Colina, W. Contreras, Misner

Whalehead Philly
2 years ago

Place remove SP Kwang-hyum Kim and replace him with SP Braxton Garrett

Whalehead Philly
2 years ago
Reply to 

Correction **** Braxton Garrett is already on the AFL Glendale Dessert Dogs.

Please remove SP Kwang-hyum Kim from the CWL San Juan Ravens and replace him with SP Miguel Yajure

2 years ago


Replace LF Juan Soto with LF Ramiel Tapia
San Juan Ravens – CWL

2 years ago

Winter leagues

AFL off- 1B- J Fuentes, 3B J. Bridgeman, OF E. Cole, P H. Bueno, P J. Holloway, P J. Brentz, P M. Frawley

AFL on- 3B J. Jung, SS G. Arias, P E. Small, 3B C. Santana, OF J. Bleday,, OF L. Tavares, 2B T. Freeman

CWL off- P M. Cronin, P K. Milam, OF G Canning, SS Tatis

CWL on- P L. Patino, P J. Oviedo, SS J. Chisholm, OF J. Bleday

2 years ago

Please remove Edwar Colina from the Licey Sound Tigers Caribbean roster. If possible replace with Tucker Davidson, if not no big deal