OOTP Explained – Series Intro

Welcome to the series intoduction for my OOTP Explained series. Over the next few months, I’ll create articles and videos to help make the transition to the new game as easy as possible for you. Please keep in mind your involvement in the league using OOTP is up to you. The game’s AI allows people to focus on the tasks they enjoy and/or have time to manage. Just about everything, other than selecting your team’s Assistant GM, can be assigned to your team’s in-game personnel.

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Topics List

I will try to get to at least a couple of topics a week. My schedule is fluid, though, so you may see subjects appear in a different order. If you’d like something covered sooner, rather than later, let me know. If you don’t see a topic that you are interested in learning about, let me know and I will add it to my to-do list.

(OOTPm = OOTP 19 Manual Entry)

Helpful Tutorial Links

OOTPm 19 – Complete Manual

A Guide for Beginners – Helpful post on OOTP Community Forum


OOTP Explained – Series Intro

How to Evaluate Players in OOTP Between Seasons?

Getting Started with the 2019 WLB Quickstart

2018-2019 Offseason Timeline

Real Date is the actual date in real life. Game Date is the date within the game. If you are using the WLB Quickstart to practice and learn the game, using the Game Date is how you move the season forward.

The Game Engine — Simulating the Batter/Pitcher Matchups

Team Personnel Overview | OOTPm

Player Model | OOTPm

League Finances Overview | The Whalehead Bank | OOTPm

Player Contracts, Service Time, Arbitration, and Free Agency

Active, 40-Man, and Minor League Roster Rules

OOTP Scouting System | OOTPm

Game and Player Strategy – Using your Computer Manager

Morale System Overview

Special Events

Rule 4 (Amateur Draft) Basics

International Amateur Free Agent Basics

Rule 5 Draft

Miscellaneous Information

Managing Prospects

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