2020-2021 Incentive Point Bazaar

Incentive Point System

As you know we have an incentive point system in place to encourage people to be active league members. The 2020 season earning season is over. Teams may now exchange their Incentive Points (IP$) for useful items to help your team compete in 2021.

Teams have from today until the start of Spring Training to cash in their earned points. Any points not cashed in will be rolled over into next year. 

To claim your rewards post a comment to this post. Only requests posted here will be accepted. (This is to help your Commissioner track things.)

2020 Incentive Points Earned

14326125 082106726544122 220
148 23104 0 44109 9100 08730178 118 088 42183 133 58117 17

Due to an error by the Commissioner last year, the Mariners are permitted to purchase an extra 2nd round pick. 

Red Sox use 75 IP$ to get 75 Experience Points for Corey Seager to play 2B. They also spend 50 IP$ to speed up the recovery of Frankie Lindor. 

Toronto uses 50 IP$ to collect $10 Mil

The Phillies use 100 IP to speed up recovery of Dylan Bundy.

Seattle uses 66 ip$ To speed up Shane Greene’s recovery 

The Yankees use 60 to get experience points for Starling Marte in LF and 44 to get experience points for Howie Kendrick at 1B.

Dodgers spent 100 IP$ to shorten Liam Hendriks injury by 45 days. 
Nationals spend 100 IP$ to purchase a pick between the first and second round
Yankees were refunded the 44 IP$ that were used to teach Howie Kendrick a new position. Kendrick retired rather than play another inning for the Yankees’ GM.


M-e-t-s convert 50 IP$ into #10 MM and purchase a 2nd round bonus draft pick for 75$.
Cardinals use 75 46 IP$ to get 75 Experience Points for Austin Nola to play Catcher. (Max of 150 after update is permitted.)
Toronto will use the max amount of IP$ (75) for experience points for AJ Pollock in LF.
Oakland will use IP (100) for a pick after the 1st round
Seattle will spend $75 IP and purchase an extra 2nd round pick and use its remaining $43 IP to have Nolan Arenado learn to play SS.


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